Kelowna council likes Manteo resort’s expansion plans

With a huge expansion planned over the next 10 to 15 years, the project is heading to a public hearing later this month.

The Manteo Beach Resort on Lakeshore Road says it wants to expand—in a big way.

Plans for an ambitious redevelopment of its existing site over the next 10 to 15 years could see two highrises and as many as 18 townhouses built there in three phases.

While the townhouses are proposed to be built in the next year or two and would be part of the existing resort, the first of the highrises—a 12-storey, 69-unit hotel would not be built until after the properties current lease expires in 10 years time. Following that, the 10-storey, 77-unit apartment/hotel would be added in phase three of the project five years later.

The plan, while still in the early stages of wending its way through the bureaucratic process at City Hall, received an initial nod of support from Kelowna council earlier this week when it agreed to send the plan to a public hearing.

The project will actually be the subject of two public meetings in March, one to be held by the company on March 4 and the other, the official public hearing by the city, on March 12.

The project needs an amendment to the official community plan which only allows buildings six stories in height in that area of the city.

Coun. Robert Hobson said while he expects the proposal will be seen by some as controversial, he likes it because it will benefit the city by adding more access to the lakeshore and more open public space in return for higher density.

He said he remembers when the existing Manteo Resort opened and it was controversial because of the bright colours of the buildings.

Coun. Luke Stack called the project “exciting” noting, like Waterfront Park which was added to the city as part of the agreement to allow the tower at the Grand Okanagan Resort downtown to be built, this project is also adding public space in return for higher density.

Part of the plan calls for a public access boardwalk along the lakeshore in front of the Manteo, something that does not currently exist.

It would allow public access, along the lakeshore from the mouth of Mission Creek to Rotary Beach Park.

In addition to the taller buildings and the additional townhouse units, the plan also calls for 775-square metres of commercial space along Lakeshore Road and a small expansion to the existing convention facilities contained in the existing resort.

The two towers would be built in the middle of the site to cut down on shadows and maintain views for the site’s neighbours, said city planner Danielle Noble in presenting the plan to council.


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