Kelowna council looks at roads, rec centres and community trends

Kelowna city council meeting summed up in short, sweet briefs ...

  • Dec. 9, 2015 4:00 p.m.

Future Parkinson Recreation Centre

Council received the Future Parkinson Recreation Centre – Feasibility Study for information and supported an option to further explore construction of a new 136,649 sq.ft. facility. The next steps in this long-term planning exercise include conducting further feasibility work to determine whether the City’s preferred option for the Centre could be effectively integrated with School District 23’s need for a new high school, and to determine an appropriate funding strategy and timing for the new facility.

Strong Neighbourhoods

Council received an update on the 2014-2015 Strong Neighbourhood Project activities including findings and outcomes, as well as the focus of the Strong Neighbourhood Program moving forward. Highlights of the 2015 pilot project include 23 resident-led activities with more than 2,000 participants, and 198 individuals involved in the development and delivery of these initiatives, which equals 1,375 hours volunteered to enhancing their neighbourhoods.

Urban Centres Roadmap

Council endorsed the Urban Centres Roadmap principles and targets, and approved the next steps of the project. The principles and targets will guide future urban centre planning, providing direction on land use-mix and density, urban design, public space planning and transportation investment. Next steps include refining the principles and targets, creating a final report with supporting materials, stakeholder consultation, and a final report to Council in the new year.

2015 Community Trends Report

Council received the second annual Community Trends Report for information. The Community Trends Report provides readers with a broad picture of community direction and explores a selection of major trends whose impacts will be felt in Kelowna. Ultimately, the aim of the Community Trends Report is to equip the City, business, and community partners with the information needed to respond to a changing and evolving community. Read the report at

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