Kelowna council settles on marginal tax increase

Kelowna city council set a tax increase of 0.11 per cent after a full day of discussion.

Kelowna city council reviewed the provisional budget submitted by staff, setting a tax increase of 0.11 per cent after a full day of discussion.

A final budget document, with emergency or council directed requests, will be presented to council in May.

“City staff submitted a provisional tax decrease of 0.04 per cent to council at Monday’s  meeting, with an opportunity Tuesday for council to consider the funding requests,” said city spokesperson Tom Wilson in a press release.

“Council sets the tax rate requirement after reviewing the 2012 financial plan to determine which projects to fund and which to defer or cancel.”

Proposed operating expenditures were reduced by $3 million to accommodate additional contract operating costs for 2012. Total capital project funding was included at $75 million. A final budget tax rate will be presented to  council in May.

The general fund capital program includes projects such as the start of Bernard Avenue revitalization, construction of a Multi-Age Activity Centre at Parkinson Recreation Centre and plans for transit exchanges in Rutland and Orchard Park.

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