Kelowna council wants to see more taxis in town

So it has lent its support to a company proposing to add just one more cab.

Kelowna council wants to see more taxis in town

It’s just one more taxi but Kelowna council says it’s willing to support any move to get more cabs on the of its city.

On Monday, council lent it’s support to a proposal by a company called Sun Cabs, which wants to add one more taxi cab to those available in Kelowna, a move that must ultimately be approved by the passenger transportation branch of the B.C. transportation ministry.

While council’s collective eyebrows were raised at the description of Sun Cab’s proposed “fleet” of just one taxi cab, councillors made it clear more cabs are needed here, particularly during evening hours on weekends.

City clerk Stephen Fleming said while council has been supportive of more cabs in the past, its approach to supporting past applications has been “inconsistent.”

Coun. Mohini Singh, who said she had spoken with owner of one of the two major cab companies in town and was told cabs are only busy here on Friday and Saturday nights, questioned approving the new company when council new nothing of its owner.

But council was told that if approved by the province, a number of checks, including a criminal background check, would be conducted before a chauffeur’s licence would be granted.








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