Kelowna councillor pushes water conservation

Councillor Luke Stack is hoping to head off water shortages in a drought…

  • Sep. 8, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Three years into the California drought, customers must weigh whether or not a glass of water is justifiable with a meal in a restaurant, according to a Kelowna city councillor.

Coun. Luke Stack says a recent trip to the home of Hollywood opened his eyes on drought-planning and water conservation efforts as he learned the state credits the water plans it set in motion 10 years ago with ensuring there’s still enough water for the area to function.

As such, customers are encouraged to take a seemingly drastic measure and only to ask for water to drink if needed. It’s just an indicator of the type of concentrated conservation effort the state is engaged in, and Stack said he was impressed the reservoirs have not run dry despite ongoing scorching temperatures and a lack of rain.

“It was a good reminder that when things are good, this is the time to be planning,” he said as he addressed Kelowna city council Monday.

He encouraged fellow councillors to take the water conservation measures the Okanagan Basin Water Board drums up very seriously and to heed warnings to get ahead of the water management plans for this semi-arid city.


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