Kelowna enhances cycling network with protected bike lane on Sutherland Avenue

Kelowna enhances cycling network with protected bike lane on Sutherland Avenue

The protected bike lane adds to the city’s growing network of cycling infrastructure

A new protected bike lane is now open on Sutherland Avenue.

Following a partial opening in September, the stretch of two-way protected bike lanes between Pandosy Street and Ethel Street was officially opened to cyclist late last week.

“Now that the bridge crossing at Mill Creek is complete and the bike signals fully operational at the Richter and Pandosy intersections, we’re excited to formally invite the community to start using the new Sutherland bike route,” said Gordon Foy, manager of transportation engineering.

“The protected bike lanes, with a concrete barrier separating bikes from vehicles, provide a safe and convenient route between popular bike corridors on Ethel and Abbot streets.

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The city is urging people driving and riding bikes in the area to pay close attention to traffic pattern changes and watch for people riding bikes in both directions on one side of the road.

Drivers must also yield to bikes when turning onto or along Sutherland Avenue and use caution when turning in and out of driveways and lanes. People riding bikes should also be aware of motorists, active bike signals, yield to pedestrians and use the green bike turn box when turning onto Richter.

“Sutherland Avenue is an ideal location for this type of bike route,” said Foy. “We’re committed to investing in diverse transportation and mobility options, and connecting high-density areas of Kelowna, to make it easier to get around Kelowna.”

The investment in Sutherland Avenue includes the protected bike lanes, traffic signal, and utility upgrades, improved street lighting, sidewalk replacement, and a new multi-use pedestrian/bike bridge at Mill Creek.

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