Kelowna Family Y renovation project expands

Family change room at Rutland-area facility to be out of commission until June as all change rooms are to be renovated.

Families using the Kelowna Family Y in Rutland are about to lose their changing room—but the loss will only be temporary.

Between now and next June, parents will have to use either the women’s or the men’s change rooms if they want to change with their children.

That’s because, as part of the renovation work the city is about to embark on at the recreation centre, the existing family change room will have to double first as a temporary women’s change room and then as a temporary men’s change room while the work takes place.

The city is installing a new concrete the floor in the existing women’s change room and once that is installed, the men’s men’s change room will be made smaller to allow for a larger family change room.

“As someone who brings kids for swimming lessons there, I can tell you more space is definitely needed in the family change room,” said Kelowna city councillor Colin Basran.

City officials say while space in the family change room is becoming an issue, a smaller men’s change room will not be a problem.

Like the rest council, Basran welcomed news that the original plan for the Y— to replace the floor of the women’s change room because of its deteriorating condition and to add a heat pump to reduce the humidity in the boiler room under it that has lead to the deteriorating condition of the floor above, will now include revamping all the changing rooms the the Y.

City utility and building projects manager Kevin Van Vliet said in addition to the $600,000 that the city is putting into the project and a $250,000 grant from the federal government, the YMCA has now added another $715,000 for the  additional changes to the men’s and family change rooms.

The work, which will be done while the Y remains open, is slated to be complete by next June.

The city owned facility, which is run under contract by the YM-YWCA, houses one of the city’s most popular public pools, as well as a fitness centre.


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