Kerry-Lynne Findlay

Kerry-Lynne Findlay

Kelowna Flightcraft secures $15 million aircraft maintenance service contract

Kelowna based company to provide maintenance service to Department of Defence search and rescue aircraft.

  • Jul. 5, 2013 4:00 p.m.

Kelowna Flightcraft has been awarded a $15 million contract to provide aircraft maintenance for Department of Defense search and rescue aircraft that will sustain 54 jobs at the company’s Kelowna airport hangar.

Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, the associate minister of national defence and MP for  Delta – Richmond East, made the announcement before the Kelowna Flightcraft employees this morning, joined by local MP Ron Cannan, Peter Van Loan, the Conservative government house leader, and Barry Lapointe, the chairman and chief executive officer of Kelowna Flightcraft.

“These fleets are key to our Royal Canadian Air Force and its ability to carry out important missions such as critical search and rescue,” said Findlay. “This contract demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to ensuring our men and women in uniform continue to have well maintained equipment that is ready to support operations.”

Findlay said Kelowna Flightcraft is the only firm in western Canada with the resources to service the Twin Otter and Buffalo search planes for third-level maintenance activities such as depot-level in-depth inspection and major repair of items, component repair and overhaul, technical investigations, modification designs, manufacture and assembly of prototypes, and engineering support.

“Kelowna Flightcraft has established itself as a highly respected Canadian company within the aviation industry and is a cornerstone of our local economy,”  Cannan.  “Our community welcomes the federal government’s support of Kelowna Flightcraft, which provides well-paying, highly skilled jobs in the Okanagan. Congratulations to the Flightcraft team and its employees for their outstanding work.”

Canada’s fleet of six CC-115 Buffalo airplanes is primarily used for search and rescue duties in Canada’s west, while our fleet of four CC-138 Twin Otter aircraft support operations in Canada’s north, including transport and search and rescue. This two-year contract that includes one optional one-year extension which if exercised could increase the value of the contract to $24.9 million, will ensure that airworthiness of the fleets is supported and maintained.

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