Kelowna haunted house set to scare your pants off

Glenmore area house with elaborate set-up sure to be a popular spot on Monday

  • Fri Oct 28th, 2016 6:00am
  • News

Kelowna's Sara Topple with a few friends

Kelowna mom Sara Topple says people are genuinely scared when they travel down her narrow Glenmore area driveway on Halloween night.

And with a cast of 15 ghoulish characters, a long dark hallway leading to a dark backward, a butcher shop, a fogged-in graveyard and, oh yeah, a chainsaw massacre, who wouldn’t be feeling a chill.

“We just love Halloween,” said Topple. “I’ve always wanted to do a haunted house and people seem to love it.”

Topple, along with friends and family, will be hard at work this weekend on their fourth annual haunted house to celebrate Halloween. Located at 1579 Highland Road, the house is barely visible from the road and trick or treaters will be taking their chances as they enter down a long and dark driveway and enter a hallway to start the, err, fun.

“Every year it gets bigger,” said Topple. “Last year they were lined up down the street.”

Called Morten Halloween with official event status on Facebook, Topple and her gang of merry haunters have been working on their costumes this week with make-up featuring flesh-eating worms just one of the many added touches.

Topple says they’ve spent about $400 on the setup thus far and they accept donations and sell hot chocolate at the house, quite possibly to help calm people’s nerves.

“People say this is the scariest haunted house they’ve seen,” she said. “Some people won’t even come down here.”