Kelowna hazmat team takes on flour pile

The Kelowna Fire Department decided Wednesday it was better to be safe than sorry.

The Kelowna Fire Department decided it was better to be safe than sorry when they pulled out their hazmat gear to deal with a pile of flour that had been left at Davie Road Park.

A City of Kelowna worker spotted the dusting Wednesday morning and called it in while he was in the park cleaning.

Kelowna Fire Dept. Hazardous Materials team was brought to the scene along with fire crews.

The scene was secured and Haz-Mat team suited up in their level “B” suits and went in with testing equipment. The product was found to be flour for baking.

Total of 15 personnel respond with a Hazmat truck, one Engine, Safety and Command truck to the scene.

“No one was needed to be evacuated from the area due to no wind and a stable environment,” Kelly Stephens, Platoon Captain of the Kelowna Fire Department.

“With the advice from our emergency response advisor all precautions were taken today on this call because of not knowing what product or chemicals we were dealing with.”

Kelowna Capital News