Kelowna-Lake Country Tracy Gray (File photo)

Kelowna-Lake Country Tracy Gray (File photo)

Kelowna-Lake Country MP Gray rips into Prime Minister over deal with NDP

New Liberal-NDP agreement is to last until 2025

Kelowna-Lake Country Conservative MP Tracy Gray has condemned the Liberal-NDP confidence-and-supply agreement announced March 22 by the Prime Minister.

“This Liberal-NDP backroom coalition is another power-grab by the Prime Minister done in secret with no accountability,” said Gray. “Canadians didn’t vote for an NDP government, yet will now have rejected NDP policies imposed onto them through 2025.”

Gray said over the course of the pandemic Canada has seen record deficits, the national debt has ballooned to over $1 trillion and the Liberals have continued to increase taxes.

“With this Liberal-NDP deal, we can only expect this to increase with a high-spending, high-tax agenda.”

A statement from Gray’s office reads:

“In the past few years alone the Liberals prorogued Parliament, sued the Speaker of the House of Commons when they didn’t like his ruling, called a snap election in the middle of a pandemic when ash was falling from the sky in Kelowna-Lake Country due to wildfires, delayed recalling Parliament for over two months, created policies to censor free speech and restrict liberties, and have now agreed to this backroom coalition with the NDP, which Canadians did not vote for.”

“It was especially disingenuous when the Prime Minister today expressed concerns about the ‘erosion of democracy’ when he only has to look at his own record,” added Gray. ‘If the Prime Minister wants to talk about the erosion of democracy, he should look in the mirror.”

The new confidence-and-supply deal between the two parties is set to last until the end of Parliament in 2025.

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