A Canadian flag in Kelowna flying at half mast. (Phil McLachlan/Capital News file)

A Canadian flag in Kelowna flying at half mast. (Phil McLachlan/Capital News file)

Kelowna lowers flags to mark Indigenous Veterans Day

Flags will be raised tomorrow, then lowered again on Remembrance Day

The City of Kelowna and local schools are flying their flags at half mast to mark Indigenous Veterans Day, Nov. 8.

“This symbolic act of thanks and remembrance for the Indigenous men and women who served in the Canadian Armed Forces is another small step on our City’s path toward reconciliation,” said Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran.

“First Nations, Inuit and Metis soldiers returned from war and faced the same oppression at home they fought against abroad. We are learning – this year in particular – about the systemic racism and tragic mistreatment Indigenous People experienced for so many decades. We have a lot to come to terms with, so we will continue to listen, learn and take action to ensure Indigenous People are fully included in our community.”

Central Okanagan Public Schools has also lowered its flags to honour Indigenous veterans.

“The lowering of flags is a symbol of our gratitude and remembrance for the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people who made, and continue to make, sacrifices on behalf of all of us,” said Kevin Kaardal, the school district’s superintendent/CEO.

“Lowering flags is symbolic, but education has a responsibility to take action on the vital work of reconciliation. We will continue to teach students about systemic racism, Canada’s mistreatment of Indigenous people, and the Indigenous veterans who gave their all for freedoms they weren’t afforded themselves.”

Flags will be raised on Nov. 9, then again lowered on Nov. 11 for Remembrance Day.

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