Kelowna mayor not whining about losing hockey wine bet

Walter Gray says he intends to honour the WHL playoff bet he made with his Kamloops counterpart. But he has yet to choose the wine.

Kelowna’s mayor says he’s making good on his hockey bet with the mayor of Kamloops.

Prior to the start of the second round WHL playoff series between the Kelowna Rockets and the Kamloops Blazers, the mayors bet each other a bottle of wine on the outcome.

The mayor of the losing team’s city has to buy other a bottle of his city’s best vino.

The Blazers swept the Rockets in four games, meaning Walter Gray is now searching for an appropriate bottle to give his Kamloops counterpart.

Prior to the series, Gray said that in the “unlikely” event that the Rockets lost, he would be at a loss himself to choose between local vintages, given the high quality of the many wineries in this area.

On Monday, Gray said while he plans to honour the bet he made, he has yet to find the perfect bottle.

While he first joked about spending as little as possible, the mayor quickly reconsidered saying he wants to show the folks in Kamloops just how good the wine is from this area. So he said he plans to spend as much as $25.

“But if any local winery wants to come forward to help me out, I’ll accept their offer,” he joked.

Gray said he will send the bottle to Kamloops with Coun. Maxine DeHart next month when she goes to the Thomson city for a meeting.

“I think it’s something that should be hand delivered,” said Gray.

Unlike in previous years when he has lost similar bets, Gray wil be saved the indignity of having to wear a Kamloops Blazer jersey during a public council meeting in Kelowna.  That was not part of the bet this year.

In the past Gray has joked that he felt his Kamloops counterpart, just to rub it in, had not washed the jersey he had been sent to wear. He also said he felt the Kamloops jersey was more scratchy that the jerseys the Rockets wear.






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