Kelowna-Mission: Conservative Chuck Hardy

Kelowna-Mission: Conservative Chuck Hardy

Top issues creating jobs, looking after seniors, affordable housing for Conservative

Chuck Hardy wants to speak up for the working middle class of our province who he feels have been left behind by the NDP and the Liberals.

Hardy is carrying the Conservative Party candidate banner for the Kelowna-Mission riding in the May 9 provincial election.

A long-time Kelowna resident and past mayoral civic election candidate, Hardy says voting Conservative is a genuine vote for change.

“The working class people are slaves to the Liberals and NDP right now. Because neither of those parties are really worried about working people, they’re just looking out for themselves and their supporters,” said Hardy, a parent to two adult children who both live in Kelowna.

“We need honest people to start doing good things.”

Hardy, 65, worked in the heavy construction industry for many years, and worked for the City of Kelowna as a carpenter for 22 years before retiring.

Hardy says while the Conservatives don’t have a party leader in this election, the party is running 10 candidates across the province, according to Elections BC.

He said Conservatives stand for numerous platform causes—creating jobs in B.C., looking after seniors, affordable housing, highway road upgrades and tightening truck hauling weight allowances, cutting off bonuses paid to Crown corporation executives and eliminating the carbon tax.

“We desperately need public programs that are affordable for everyone and we need to really be accountable to our people and represent them effectively,” Hardy said.

“There needs to be a transparency in all that we undertake as well.”

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—Barry Gerding

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