Harwinder Sandhu.

Harwinder Sandhu.

Kelowna Mission: NDPs Harwinder Sandhu

NDP candidate says affordability is an issue that is affecting everyone

Harwinder Sandhu is not only the candidate for Kelowna-Mission. She’s also a nurse who says she’s tired of watching people suffer while balancing a high cost of living with weaker supports.

“Affordability is major in the Okanagan,” Sandhu said. “It doesn’t affect one group. It affects people who are looking for housing, seniors, men and women who are on disability with a low fixed income and even students—there’s a real variety of people who have issues with affordability.”

That’s why she’s running for the BC NDP. It’s the party, she said, that addresses the growing needs of the most people.

“The NDP has many great policies in place,” she said.

“We want to eliminate MSP premiums, freeze BC Hydro rates and stop the 42 per cent increase to ICBC premiums.”

The party, she said, also wants to do what it can to help people succeed in the workforce.

For those who are transitioning back into the workforce from disability, the NDP is looking at creating an additional $200 a month earning expansion, that would allow people to better support themselves.

The party has also touted the benefits of $10 a day daycare program. If mothers had safe, secure daycare they’d be a stronger addition to the economy, she said.

Sandhu also said that she thinks young people who are graduating from university would also benefit from more support from their government and the NDP has some ways to help.

Among which is $1,000 school completion incentive and the decision to eliminate interest on student loans.

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—Kathy Michaels

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