Kelowna mother’s plea for bargaining transparancy sent away

School may be out, but Tera Pemberton's two children just had the lesson of a lifetime.

School may be out, but Tera Pemberton’s two children just had the lesson of a lifetime.

“Over the past week my kids have seen what the power of one can do, if you really believe in something,” the Kelowna woman said. “That’s something they wouldn’t have learned in the first week  of school.”

The eye opening lesson came courtesy of Pemberton’s online petition, which closed Wenesday after being in circulation for seven days. In it, she suggested that all negotiations between the government and B.C. Teachers Federation be aired on TV for the sake of transparency.

It was a message that caught the attention of media outlets across B.C.

And as Pemberton opened her home to TV cameras and got on the phone with radio and newspaper reporters, more than 7,000 people signed her petition at and 2,753 kicked in their comments.

“I was elated and surprised,” she said, of the response.

Thousands shared the same feeling of frustration that pushed Pemberton into political activism for the first time.

“It was frustrating to see the finger pointing and not have the answers,” she said.

Although the limelight has been eye opening and invigorating Pemberton really just wants to see B.C. kids back in classes.

If her petition has sway with powers that be, she thinks it could be successful.

CCTV cameras on both parties at the bargaining table could serve a secondary purpose of speeding up negotiations, too, she said.

“They’ll get down to business,” she said.

In the petition package she sent to the BCTF and the provincial government Wednesday, she offered an invitation to speak further on the issue.

She’s not head anything yet, but she’s hopeful.

Hopeful that her kids will soon be back in school, that teachers that will get a fair deal and that it won’t affect her taxes too much.

The petition has been left open so anyone who’s interested can comment, although the signatures have been sent off.

To view the petition, go to

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