Kelowna Mounties release new footage of chase

Police came in close proximity to gunfire during a Tuesday night heist.

Constable Holmes talking before local media concerning the recent brazen day time robbery on Brenin Road

Constable Holmes talking before local media concerning the recent brazen day time robbery on Brenin Road

Newly released footage from a  camera mounted to the dashboard of a police cruiser shows how close Kelowna Mounties came to gunfire Tuesday night as they chased down a suspect from a failed jewelry heist.

Const. Steve Holmes took members of the local media through the footage of the chase outside Premier Jewellery and Loans on Bredin Road Friday morning, drawing attention at one point to a seemingly innocuous smudge on the screen.

“See that puff on the ground?” Holmes said.

“It’s a bullet striking the tarmac.”

Less than a second later a police dog enters the frame, in pursuit of the suspect who rounds the corner of the alley next to the jewelry store.

A dog handler follows right behind, ducking in case a second shot is fired out of view of the camera.

Holmes said the suspect was then able to scale a 10-foot fence before the police dog caught up with him, escalating the situation further.

“There was a person with a firearm, intent on using it,” he said, noting it’s rare that Kelowna police are under fire like that.

“We won’t pursue a target in the open, it puts police and the public at risk.”

As the man momentarily disappeared from sight, Holmes said he carjacked another individual who was forced to drive the suspect to a West Kelowna trailer park.

They waited in that spot until he transferred to another car.

Holmes said he doesn’t know if that means the man had an accomplice, or if he had another car parked at the second location.

“We’re still piecing together information,” he said. “We don’t have a suspect yet.”

What they do have an ample amount of, however, are tips.

Holmes said those who were at the site of the robbery, in addition to others who have called in, have offered a bounty of helpful information.

The suspect is described as a younger man approximately 6’ tall.

He was wearing a black hoodie with “AX” on it, dark jeans, white runners and a white baseball cap.


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