Kelowna Museum helps develop an ‘edutainment’ game focusing on local history

Museums Society teams up with gaming company to develop Pigs On Bernard.

The Kelowna Museums Society is joining forces with an “edutainment” company to, in the museums society’s words “bring history to life.”

The society has partnered with gaming company QuestUpon, to create a variety of experiences that focus on culture, history  and heritage.

One of the projects is called Pigs On Bernard, a historical quest that combines cutting edge technology called augmented reality—where virtual objects live and move in the real world— with Kelowna’s history and heritage.

“According to the museums  society, it’s basically a walking tour guided by your smartphone, turned into a game.

“The partnership of Kelowna Museums and QuestUpon is innovative and inspiring,” said Linda Digby, executive director of Kelowna Museums Society. “By pairing up cutting edge virtual technology with the telling of the story of Kelowna’s rich, cultural heritage, we bring the past to life in a brand new way.

She added the society is also grateful for support for the project from the Central Okanagan Foundation.

Created by QuestUpon, in consultation with Kelonwa museums, Pigs on Bernard will be promoted next week as part of Heritage Week in the city.

During the week, anyone who completes the tour and goes to the Okanagan Heritage Museum downtown will have a chance to enter their name into a draw to win their very own herd of chocolate pigs from Annegret’s Chocolates.

In the games, the tour begins on Bernard Avenue and guides the user through the downtown Kelowna area, finishing their experience at the museum.

So far, the game has met with favourable reviews, according to the museums society.

“I really love the treasure hunt; watching my position on the map dynamically change as I walk around. The trivia is fun and educational. My daughter loves it. Highly recommended,”  said one mother who daughter tried it out.

Another user commented, “Watching pigs running down Bernard was a blast. Try it… you will be amazed!”

Anyone wanting to try the game can do by downloading the free QuestUpon app for Apple or Android smartphones.


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