Kelowna offering a rebate to residents who upgrade their residential irrigation systems

The city will give a $40 rebate towards the cost of qualifying upgrades to irrigation system controllers.

The City of Kelowna wants you to upgrade your aging automatic residential irrigation system—and it’s wiling to give you $40 towards the cost of a new controller.

The city’s water utility is offering a $40 rebate to its water customers who purchase a new irrigation controller that is compliant with the updated Water Regulation Bylaw.

Updated water use restrictions were adopted by council in April. For basic residential and commercial properties during periods of “normal”, non-drought summers, properties with odd numbered addresses can irrigate their landscaping on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Properties with even numbered addresses can irrigate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. There whould be no residential or commercial irrigation on Mondays. Using a watering can or spring loaded nozzle is allowed on any day.

The City says it recognize the upgrade can be a significant change for customers and is introducing the irrigation controller rebate program to help its customers adhere to the updated watering restrictions and optimize water use.

“Some older controllers are more complicated to program and do not allow programming based on days of the week,” Kevin Van Vliet, Utilities Manager. “This makes it difficult to ensure optimal water use.”

But he added irrigation controllers have improved significantly in recent years and are now easier to program and have more control options that improve their ability to optimize irrigation performance and minimize water consumption.

“We hope that this rebate program motivates customers to make the change,” said Van Vliet.

The specifics of the rebate program are:

• Only one $40 rebate per property served by the Kelowna Water Utility is allowed. Applicants will need to provide a copy of their water utility bill.

• Only existing water utility customers can apply. New home construction is exempt.

• Proof of purchase will be required, including the make and model of the unit. The compatibility with the bylaw will be verified.

• Compliant controllers must be purchased between April 19 and July 31, 2016, to be eligible for the rebate.

• Required information must be submitted to the City of Kelowna by Aug. 31, 2016.


For quick and easy access to the irrigation controller rebate application form, go the city’s website at