Kelowna Peace Group rallies downtown

The Kelowna Peace Group rallied Saturday to show its opposition to NATO intervention in Syria and war-mongering rhetoric aimed at Iran.

The Kelowna Peace Group gathered downtown on Saturday to show its opposition towards NATO intervention in Syria and a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

The Kelowna Peace Group rallied downtown on Saturday in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Canada to seek support for a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Our message today is that we oppose any NATO intervention in Syria and we are totally opposed to an attack on Iran—supposedly to disable its nuclear capacities,” said Anne-Marie Brun, a member of the Kelowna Peace Group.

“If we somewhat agree that Iran should be submitted to inspections about its capacity to develop nuclear armament, we are asking that Isreal openly admit that it has nuclear arsenal, because double standards don’t stand with us.”

Brun said that she would like to see a nuclear-free Middle East.

“More than that, we’re asking that all nations who already have nuclear weapons all over the world, dismantle them. The United States should be a leader in that.”

She noted that the United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons in the past.

The Kelowna Peace Group also showed concern with regards to foreign intervention in Syria.

“There was an intervention in Libya and after that there was no report on the aftermath of the intervention and the death tolls it caused,” said Brun.

“What we’re asking for is that Bashar al-Assad’s army stop its crackdown on the people and that the rebels from the opposition lay down their arms so that there would be a clear ceasefire.

“There should be talks and negotiations to try and find an end to this conflict. We think that’s what the international community should be pushing for—not military intervention.”

Brun said she was happy with Saturday’s turnout, especially because the idea for the rally was conceived not too long ago.

According to Brun, the Kelowna Peace Group includes “people from different backgrounds who are committed to a more peaceful world.”

“We’re mostly an educational group. We try to bring speakers in town to talk on different issues. We also organize actions like this to show the citizens that we’re concerned about all issues regarding wars.”