Kelowna RCMP uncover property trafficking operation

The Property Crime Unit and Crime Reduction Target Team have uncovered a property trafficking operation with ties to organized crime.

  • Sep. 4, 2012 6:00 a.m.

Members of the Hells Angels and associate biker gangs the Throttle Lockers and Kingpin Crew are implicated in a trafficking scheme operated out of a West Kelowna motorcycle shop.

Police announced Tuesday that members of the local RCMP  seized in excess of $750,000 worth of stolen goods at the end of a six month investigation of Cycle Logic on Julian Road, and its owner John Edward Newcome.

The investigation got to a strong start in the days after its launch when Mounties located and recovered a stolen truck parked on the street in front of Cycle Logic, as well as two stolen trailers and a miniature excavator nearby, explained Insp. Rick Flewellen.

From there they learned that the shop allegedly took in stolen vehicles, modified Vehicle Identification Numbers and then re-sold them in markets outside the valley.

It was a sizeable operation, said Flewelling who noted that it was also unique in the scope of criminal organizations implicated.

Numerous members of various criminal organizations, such as the Nanaimo and Southland chapters of the Hells Angles as well as the Throttle Lockers and Kingpin Crew from Kelowna were involved.

As a direct result of the operations, three stolen vehicles were recovered from members of the Southland Chapter of the Hells Angles.

Two of those instances have been referred to a special prosecutor in Calgary to discuss the possibility of charges in relation to Possession of Stolen Property.

Newcome, Cycle Logic’s owner, was arrested and has been charged with multiple counts of Possession of Stolen Property Over $5,000 and Trafficking in Stolen Property over $5,000. Additional charges may be recommend pending further examination of the items which have been seized. He was busted for having a large grow op in his house, to boot. His court date will be Sept. 11.

At the end of the day  first times in B.C. that charges have been laid for the trafficking of stolen property.

Trafficking in stolen property became a crime in 2010.

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