Kelowna slaps district with garbage sorting fee

West Kelowna’s decision not to participate in the collection of electronic data to record what goes into yard waste containers picked up at the curb will cost residents $4.62 cents more on their quarterly utility bills.

But it could cost the district even more.

The decision to not be part of the radio frequency indentification system (RFID)—intended to catch people who put garbage into their yard waste bins and thus contaminate the yard waste stream at the Kelowna landfill—means an additional charge of $46,575 will be incurred by West Kelowna for extra sorting.

That charge is imposed by the City of Kelowna.

West Kelowna is opposed to the program, in part, based on privacy concerns. And unlike Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland and the regional district, the district  decided to opt out of the program.

But adopting that action comes at a cost, finance department officials reminded council, one which could increase further in the future.

The RFID program is being implemented to gather data about  the presence of garbage in the yard waste stream.

While no penalties have yet been announced for anyone caught illegally disposing of garbage, regional waste collection officials have said letters will likely be sent out to people who repeatedly are found to be doing it.

One of the reasons why some people are putting regular garbage in yard waste containers could be the size of the current garbage cans that all homes in the Central Okanagan must use.

Some residents claim the containers are too small, while others say they’re just the right size

After the current automated curbside collection system was introduced, residents were given the option of paying more to have larger garbage bins.


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