Kelowna SPCA provided temporary boarding services for families displaced by B.C. floods and wildfires in 2021 (Contributed photo).

Kelowna SPCA provided temporary boarding services for families displaced by B.C. floods and wildfires in 2021 (Contributed photo).

Kelowna SPCA reports increased demand for services over last year

The local charity shelter and food for pets impacted by B.C.’s natural disasters

The Kelowna BC SPCA saw increased demand for its services during the province’s year of natural disasters.

Between the pandemic, wildfire, and floods, animals needed help. While the BC SPCA is often recognized for its work with adoptions, it also offers temporary boarding, wildlife rehabilitation, and animal food bank as well as spay and neuter services for families that are struggling financially. Over the past year in B.C., the SPCA aided more than 100,000 animals in need by providing them with shelter, food and protection from harm.

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The Kelowna branch manager Sean Hogan says the community stepped up to help victims of fires and floods immediately when they put out a call for help. He adds the Kelowna BC SPCA took in farm animals, house pets and wild animals that needed shelter due to the Merritt floods in November.

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The charity saw an increased need for temporary boarding when families were unable to take their pets with them when they were forced to evacuate. The service is invaluable for those that do not want to give up their pet but need aid caring for them for a period of time. The service is also used by people in Kelowna who experience housing instability.

“Our true goal is that we want to keep animals at home with their families,” says Hogan.

The BC SPCA is partnered with Animal Food Bank and over the last year provided Kelowna’s community with more than 20,000 pounds of dry food. The service is available to people having difficulty making ends meet and is a valuable resource that allows people to keep their pets at home even when they are having financial difficulties. Animal Food Bank is always looking for more donations at so that they can continue providing the essential service.

The Kelowna BC SPCA is currently looking for farm animal fosters and haulers to help with livestock and horses in need.

Hogan wants to thank Kelowna for their generosity and says that he is very proud of the services that they have been able to provide, thanks to the support of the community. Visit or the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch Facebook page for more information, to report a missing animal, animal cruelty, or to make a donation.


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