Kelowna starts assessing Bernard Avenue buildings

Assessments being done prior to the start of Bernard Avenue revitalization work.

Golder And Associates technician Mitchell Illerbrun takes photo of the cracks in the foundation of the Interior Savings building on Bernard Avenue while Kelsey Tanaka makes notes as part of the pre-construction work.

Kelowna city hall wants to know what condition buildings on Bernard Avenue are in before work starts on a $14.5 million, multi-phase, two-year revitalization of the city’s main downtown street.

As part of the Bernard Avenue revitalization project, workers from contractor Golder and Associates started doing a condition assessment of buildings along Bernard, from Richter Street to Abbott Street, Wednesday. The assessments will take about 10 days.

The condition assessment is being completed prior to the start of construction to document areas where there are cracks, areas of settlement or other signs of building distress, say city officials. The assessments involve an inspection of the interior, where possible, and the exterior of each building with accompanying photographs and a written report.

After construction is complete next year, a post-construction assessment will also be conducted to document changes, if any have occurred during construction activities.

To document the interior of buildings, a Golder and Associates staff member will seek the permission of on-site building owners and managers to enter the property and document its condition.

City spokeswoman Jody Foster Sexsmith said if Golder workers cannot go inside a building to document its condition, an exterior assessment will be done and a note included in the written report stating the inside could not be examined.

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