Kelowna the eighth happiest place in Canada

The pearly whites of area snapshot posers have led one travel guide company to dub Kelowna one of the happiest cities in Canada.

The happiest place in the Capital News is the cubicle in the back corner.

The happiest place in the Capital News is the cubicle in the back corner.

A bumper crop of toothy grins has led an online travel guide company to name Kelowna one of the happiest cities in Canada.

“Smiles on the faces of millions of people in millions of photos are the most direct measure we have of happiness,” reads a statement by app maker JetPac City Guides, which took upon itself the task of ranking Canadian cities on their pearly whites.

Using  Instagram photos, JetPac sifted through 100 million snaps, counted  and measured the smiles on people’s faces and gave them a score. A closed-mouth smile, for example, didn’t merit as much as a broad smile due to less toothy real estate.

Then, once the “smile score” was tabulated, cities were ranked.

Kingston captured the highest smile score of 40.2, while Regina, Sask. placed in second spot with a rating of 36.2.

Tops in B.C., was Kelowna, which got a score of 29.4 and a rank of eighth.

Upon closer examination of the app’s data, however, there may be an ensuing debate on Kelowna’s actual happy factor.

Using the same methodology as the nationwide ranking,  JetPac narrowed down where people were happiest in Kelowna, and according to their data this city’s smiliest people can be found in drinking and shopping locales.

JetPac listed Orchard Park Mall food court as the happiest place in Kelowna, with a rank of 9.9.

Second was Rose’s Waterfront pub, third Doc Willoughby’s, fourth Cactus Club, fifth The Old Spaghetti Factory, sixth Kelly O’Bryans,  seventh Flashbacks Nite Club, eighth Level Nightclub, ninth  Montana’s Prospera Place

Of special note, JetPac noted that Kelowna had an unusually high number of “wine lover” and “stoner” pictures.

The full list of happiest Canadian cities, according to Jetpac City Guides is as follows:

1. Kingston, Ont.: Smile Score: 40.2

2. Regina, Sask.: 36.2

3. Quebec City, Que.: 34.5

4. Gatineau, Que.: 33.8

5. Saskatoon, Sask.: 33.4

6. London, Ont.: 32.3

7. Waterloo-Kitchener, Ont.: 29.8

8. Kelowna, B.C.: 29.4

9. Edmonton, Alta.: 29.3

10. Banff, Alta.: 28.1

11. Hamilton, Ont.: 27.9

12. Surrey, B.C.: 27.6

13. Calgary, Alta.: 27.3

14. Winnipeg, Man.: 27.2

15. Burlington, Ont.: 27.2

16. Victoria, B.C.: 26.8

17. Halifax, N.S.: 26.2

18. Ottawa, Ont.: 26

19. Mont Tremblant, Que.: 25.6

20. Niagara Falls, Ont.: 25.4

21. Whistler, B.C.: 24.1

22. Montreal, Que.: 23.6

23. Toronto, Ont.: 21.3

24. Vancouver, B.C.: 20.2

25. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.: 17.7

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