Kelowna to survey desire for more dog parks

The survey is intended to give definitive direction about recreational areas for dogs.

The City of Kelowna wants to know if its residents want more dogs parks and, in particular, more dog beaches.

City council has given the green light to staff to conduct a survey that it hopes will once and for all give definitive direction about recreational areas for dogs.

The survey will be conducted early next year with a report back to council slated for the spring of 2016 and follow-up public sessions.

The survey will cost $7,500.

But at least one councillor says there’s no need to ask the public again what it wants.

Charlie Hodge, who in the past has sat on the Central Okanagan’s dog committee, said the public has made it clear—it wants more beach access for dogs.

And he said they want it now.

Currently the only official dog beach in the city is at Cedar Park, at the south end of town. But it also doubles as the unofficial local nudist beach.

Hodge suggested the city pick a location, brace for an outcry from the public, weather the storm of protest and try it out as the only way to cut through what he said will be opposition from neighbours no matter where a dog beach is located.


Kelowna Capital News