Kelowna toddler takes the internet by storm

Aiden's adorable mug has been renamed Raft Kid and slotted into any number of comedic images

Kelowna's Raft Kid has become an internet sensation

Kelowna's Raft Kid has become an internet sensation

By the time Aiden Fuller is old enough to understand what the words “going viral” mean, his star may have faded.

Until then a picture of the two-year-old Kelowna boy with his head poking through a toddler inner tube is burning up the internet and showing up in publications across the globe, thanks to the photoshop geniuses who battle for accolades on Reddit.

“It’s been so hilarious,” said Aiden’s dad, Tyler, who owns the Kelowna business, Leading Edge Glass.

“I took the picture and then a friend I went to high school with, he is on Reddit, and said he watches people do the Photoshop battles and he thought it was the perfect picture for that.”

So, Tyler told him to go ahead, post the photo taken on a family camping trip,  and then he just waited to see what would come out of it.

He didn’t expect anywhere near the response the photo has received, though. Among other things, Aiden’s adorable mug has been renamed Raft Kid for the internet. From there it has been slotted into famous movie scenes, been blended into nature stills and has been sent into outer space.

There’s really no comedic limit to how the picture of the toddler who had  “a few too many cookies” has been used.

And those who have seen them are  smitten, claiming among other things that the photo is just what “the internet needs.”

“The photos are on Huffington Post UK, there’s a YouTube video in Spanish for raft kid, it’s on Imagur and on Mashable it’s been shared 2.3 million times,” he said.

The family isn’t earning any money off the photo, but it will be turned into some art for the family.

“I’ve been saving the pictures to my computer and we’re going to get one of them blown up into a poster and put it into his room,” Tyler said.

Top contender for that honour is the I Want To Believe photo, adapted from an XFiles poster.

“He’ll be immortalized as raft kid,” he said.

And, while Aiden may not remember his moment in the internet spotlight, his dad suspects it won’t be his last.

“He’s such a funny kid, he makes us laugh all the time,” Tyler said.

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