Kelowna traffic cops crack down in the Central Okanagan

Traffic cops headed off speeding and found drivers with drugs as the heatwave his the Okanagan for Canada Day

  • Jul. 2, 2013 5:00 a.m.

Speed traps on the Okanagan Connector and a road block on the highway entering downtown Kelowna helped RCMP reduce problems over the scorching Canada Day weekend.

Friday evening the RCMP set up shop on the Okanagan Connector in effort to curb speeding and reduce accidents as the first big tourist influx hit the city—and the effort proved fruitful.

“The highest observed speed was 191 km/h in a 110 km/h zone,” said Const. Kris Clark, Kelowna RCMP spokesperson.

A total of 74 tickets were issued, including three for excessive speeding, which resulted in the vehicles being impounded for seven days. Excessive speeding carries fines from $368 to $483 and it is mandatory for police to impound the driver’s vehicle for a week.

Several motorists were stopped more than once as they continued to fly through multiple speed traps and one man was charged with possession of a controlled substance and give a court date.

Early the next morning, two Central Okanagan were busted with a variety of of illicit drugs packaged for sale, presumably on local streets.

At 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, police conducting the check-stop on Harvey Avenue at Water Street pulled over the driver of a black Chevy Cavalier who was unable to produce her driver’s licence.

A search of the vehicle revealed 79 quarter-gram packages of meth, heroin, powder cocaine and crack cocaine as well as $175 cash and paraphernalia consistent with the trafficking of drugs.

The woman,32, is from West Kelowna and she was riding with a 32-year-old man from Lake Country; both were arrested for possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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