Independent candidate Brian Thiesen is running in Kelowna West.

Independent candidate Brian Thiesen is running in Kelowna West.

Kelowna-West candidate Brian Thiesen

Independent candidate running for a seat in Kelowna West, a hot seat in the B.C. Election

Running as an independent candidate has its advantages, according to Brian Thiesen, a relative newcomer to the Central Okanagan, who is running in the BC election in Kelowna West.

Those advantages include standing on his own, away from party politics, said the entrepreneur.

“I think, not just in B.C. but federally, people are tired of going from the orange party to the red party or the blue party to the red because they see it’s not making any difference,” said Thiesen. “They say one thing and then go back on their promises. It’s always the same. Their interest is not in the people, it’s in the party and retaining power.”

Thiesen has a diverse background in business and has worked in several sectors from finance to economics and agriculture and says he has been studying the B.C. political scene for the past six years, to understand the problems the province is facing.

One of the major problems is people’s capacity to live affordably and find good jobs, he said. “Everything from the BC Hydro bill to buying a home, to rent to grocery prices is increasing,” he added. “The difficulty of getting a good quality, high paying job. For me jobs are important, getting debt under control and allocation of money for where it needs to go.”

He also pointed to the provincial debt as something that is causing problems with the economy.

Thiesen moved to West Kelowna two years ago with his family for a variety of reasons, one of which he said was the May 9th election. His past includes public speaking and producing videos, two skills he plans to utilize in the election campaign, saying he will use video to spread his message.

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