Kelowna’s Kasugai Gardens re-open

But the city has had to close down the Stuart Park outdoor skating rink a day early due to the warm weather.

When one city amenity closes, another one opens.

While the Stuart Park open-air skating rink downtown close for the season Wednesday— a day earlier because of the unseasonably warm weather—the city will re-open the nearby Kasugai Gardens behind Kelowna City Hall on Friday.

The Japanese gardens, located off Queensway Boulevard, will be open daily starting March 1 and will closes again for the winter at the end of October to allow for annual maintenance.

Kasugai Gardens provide a tranquil environment featuring traditional elements of a Japanese garden, such as stone lanterns, pine trees and a waterfall and pond.

The gardens opened in 1987 to symbolize the friendship between Kelowna and its sister  city, Kasugai, Japan. The two cities became sister sisters 32 years ago.

As for the rink closure, the city said the reason for shutting it down early was because of the early spring-like conditions.

“The ice is too soft as a result of the sunshine and mild temperatures we’re getting during the day,” said building services manager Martin Johansen.

“We had hoped to keep it open until Thursday, but it’s just not feasible.”

A City of Kelowna crew began removing the ice Wednesday afternoon.

Skating is still available at other city rinks, such as Memorial Arena, Rutland Arena and the Capital News Centre during public skating times.



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