Conceptual rendering of Royal Ann Hotel facade improvements (John Bachelder Construction)

Kelowna’s storied Royal Anne Hotel getting new facade

The hotel site has seen a lot of changes over its 117-year history

The historic Royal Anne Hotel in downtown Kelowna is getting a facelift.

A development permit submitted to city staff shows planned facade improvements. The plans, from John Bachelder Construction, include new rooftop signage, white exterior paint with black railings and accents, as well as new exterior lighting.

The original building was constructed in 1905 and was called the Palace Hotel. It was the only hotel in Kelowna for several years. According to the Royal Anne’ s website, it was built with four feet of sawdust under the building, due to flooding from Okanagan Lake. It also featured a bridge connecting the front entrance to Bernard Avenue. The original hotel was three stories high, with 35 rooms and only one bathroom per floor.

In 1929 a group of local businesses purchased the hotel and moved part of the original building to the rear of the property and constructed a new building. It was renamed the Royal Anne Hotel after locally grown cherries. Over the years it became the place to stay in Kelowna, until it burned to the ground on Dec. 13th, 1971. The Royal Anne was rebuilt on the same site and reopened its doors in November 1975.

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