Kelowna’s Stuart Park rink vandalized

Kelowna’s Stuart Park rink vandalized

The rink opened later on Monday morning due to maintenance

The Stuart Park ice rink was vandalized with ice melt, causing it to open later than normal on Monday (Feb. 10).

City of Kelowna’s media relations manager Tom Wilson said the incident happened sometime after 11 p.m. on Sunday.

He said there were allegedly two people involved.

“They mixed what appears to be ice melt on the Stuart Park skating rink, then left a note in front of city hall that said ‘have fun with the ice today,’” Wilson said.

“When our maintenance crews arrived on Monday morning to begin their regular maintenance at 6 a.m., they noticed something wrong with the ice and got to work.”

“Maintenance typically takes two hours on Monday mornings, after a busy weekend of people skating around on it and minimal maintenance over the weekend.”

This time, maintenance just took a little longer. Wilson said crews had to add a bit more water on the spots affected by the ice melt.

Wilson added no other areas around the rink were affected.

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