Kelowna’s updated water use restrictions in effect

“The year-round restrictions for Kelowna Water Utility customers have been updated in order to help simplify the process for residents..."

  • Mon Apr 18th, 2016 8:00am
  • News

The year-round water use restrictions for City of Kelowna Water Utility customers have been updated.

The updated stages run from ‘normal’ through to ‘Stage 4’ with increasing water use restrictions. The City Utility is currently operating under the ‘normal’ stage. ‘Normal’ is the default water restriction in place at all times, unless a water use Restrictions Stage is declared by the City Water Utility Manager or City Council.

Under the ‘normal’ stage, properties with an odd number address can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and those with an even address number can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Automatic timer sprinkler systems will be restricted to between midnight and 6 a.m. up to three days per week. Manual sprinkling will be restricted to 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and midnight up to three days per week. No properties are to water on Mondays.

“The year-round restrictions for Kelowna Water Utility customers have been updated in order to help simplify the process for residents,” said Kevin Van Vliet, Utility Services Manager. “There are several advantages to a system of fixed watering days over the odd/even address calendar system that was implemented in the summer of 2015. This approach is still effective in reducing peak water demand and reductions in overall water use.”

The updated schedule is also more consistent across the Province, with Vernon being on the same schedule, and it is anticipated that the four other water providers for the city will implement the same water use restrictions in the near future.

“These updates will help to ensure a consistent approach city-wide,” said Van Vliet, “Revisions have also been made to allow for bylaw fines to be issued when there are violations to the Water Use Restrictions Bylaw. These were developed in line with other municipalities in British Columbia.”

The City of Kelowna Water Utility provides water to just over half of the Kelowna population and sources its water from Lake Okanagan. Most of the remaining residents receive their water from one of four Improvement Districts who have their own water supply rates, requirements, and restrictions.

Robust water conservation measures were put into place by the City Water Utility more than 15 years ago, when a metered system and variable water rates were introduced to encourage water conservation year round. From 2003 to 2014, residential per capita water consumption has been reduced by 20% for the utility area. During the 2015 summer drought restriction period, daily water production averaged over eight per cent lower than the previous 10-year average, demonstrating a good response to the drought challenge.

For more information about the updated year-round watering restrictions and the different water providers in Kelowna, visit > water restrictions.