Kindermusik Educator Tracy Beckett

Kindermusik Educator Tracy Beckett

Kindermusik fall programs begin in West Kelowna

International program uses music to encourage early childhood development.

The Kindermusik program has the potential to become a permanent fixture in West Kelowna.

Kindermusik Educator Tracy Beckett taught several programs over the summer, and has now moved Kindermusik to Mar Jok Elementary School for what she hopes will become a year-round basis.  Beckett began instructing fall classes on Tuesday, which will run until the second week of December.  Beckett would love to be able to run the program year-round, as she explained it’s a great development tool for children.

“Psychologists, neuroscientists and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music helps brain cells make connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence,” she said.  “Our curriculum is based on the principles of music educators, and music is the best activity for early childhood learning.”

Beckett described Kindermusik as a program for families to sing, move and play instruments together where all of the activities are developmentally appropriate for the children.  Kindermusik is open to many age groups, from babies to children aged seven-plus.  Kindermusik allows children and families to expand their musical boundaries and lays a foundation for future learning in the children.  Family plays a large role in Kindermusik, as all of the classes are rooted in the parent-child bond.

The Kindermusik activities are designed to develop and strengthen children’s physical and neural functions, social and emotional skills, early literacy, early math and much more.  They are all based on a mix of scientific research and learning philosophy that is constantly evolving and expanding with the early childhood development field.  Beckett noted Kindermusik is a trusted international program, as it has been around for over 30 years and is now in over 70 countries.

Parents can sign their children up for a program at any time through the City of West Kelowna.


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