Knowles wants district to kick-start Westbank Centre’s development

District of West Kelowna: Knowles, David-council candidate incumbent looking to be re-elected

  • Oct. 28, 2014 7:00 p.m.

1) What do you feel is the most significant issues facing West Kelowna and how would you suggest it be resolved?

The most significant issue fits right in with my Vision and is the solution! BUILDING our COMMUNITY Building our West Kelowna community has been my vision for years. An important part of this vision is kick-starting Westbank Centre – to build a vibrant, dynamic,welcoming, attractive, centre that West Kelowna residents are proud to call their own.

CIVIC CENTRE. One mammoth step forward will happen with the completion of the Civic Centre on Elliott – with an abundance of government services – including West Kelowna Municipal Hall – together with residential towers and business/commercial outlets/services.

2) What personal characteristics or background do you possess that make you an ideal candidate for council?

Working successfully with District of West Kelowna (DWK) Council for 7 years. Best stated by Mayor Doug Findlater in the October 2014 DWK Newsletter: Whether facing unexpected challenges or establishing and implementing policy and strategic plans, West Kelowna Council has worked together through discussion and debate, put in long hours of research and education, engaged in countless public input sessions, and has produced a lasting legacy that this community can be proud of.  (79)

3) What is your vision for any future development of West Kelowna’s waterfront along Okanagan Lake?

At our gorgeous Gellatly Bay, major improvements have taken place on the CNR Warf – including: Salvaging the iconic metal lift pulleys for a new structure A new floating platform with a slide 2 lighted towers, one to accommodate a 3m jumping platform and a zip line.Future plans include a magnificent boardwalk and possibly food and beverage outlets.The waterfront at Pritchard Park has been expanded and vastly improved. No additional waterfront expansion is planned– therefore, the Waterfront Plan needs to be updated.

4) What can the District of West Kelowna do to attract more business investment to the community?

Business investment in the Boucherie Centre area, particularly Stevens Road is doing well – Westbank Centre is where the attraction is really needed. After the Civic Centre is completed, we need high density residential high rises, to house the clients, with a mixed-use concept– commercial/retail/services provided on the first floor or first 2 floor. To facilitate these massive multi-million dollar investments, consideration of a comprehensive incentive program, should be explored to establish why other municipalities have highly successful programs and some are the opposite!

5) Why do you agree or disagree that a second bridge crossing of Okanagan Lake is important to the future of West Kelowna?

The second bridge crossing would, likely, be linked to a bypass of West Kelowna. Thereby, releasing our Downtown from the bondage of having the 2 main roads of Highway 97 (one way couplet) hammering through our Westbank Centre. The multimillion dollar planning process has been launched with a potentially awesome resultfor West Kelowna in 10 to 20 years.

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