- Image: Anna Zeitner

- Image: Anna Zeitner

Lake Country bunny sanctuary asks for donations for vaccine

A GoFundMe has been started for the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary in Oyama

An Oyama rabbit sanctuary has started a GoFundMe to collect funds for a rabbit vaccine to combat a deadly virus that has been killing rabbits in B.C.

The Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary has been closed for over a month since a lethal bunny virus spread from Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland.

The highly contagious and lethal virus causes hemorrhages by affecting the rabbits’ blood vessels and attacking the liver and other organs.

“The Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary needs $6,000 to pay for the importation and administration of the vaccines, so that the bunnies will be safe,” the GoFundMe said.

“The Warren Beace Bunny Sanctuary is a no-kill animal sanctuary based out of Oyama, British Columbia; and serving Kelowna, Vernon and the Okanagan valley. The WPBS is a Canadian registered non profit charity that provides shelter, food, and medical attention to rabbits in need.”

“Any donation above $20 will get a tax receipt, provided we get your name and address.”

In a previous interview with The Calendar, founder Antoinette Monod said the sanctuary would be losing funds by closing, as it operates by donation.

The sanctuary houses more than 300 rabbits.

The GoFundMe raised $1,450 as of Wednesday morning.

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