The staff and management at the community-minded Oyama Zipline

The staff and management at the community-minded Oyama Zipline

Lake Country business committed to charity

Oyama Zipline raises close to $5,000 after donating profits from its first Superzip day earlier this month

Family-owned Oyama Zipline has super-sized their charitable giving, raising almost $5,000 for Parkinson’s disease.

The money was raised through an event called SuperZip, held all day on September 8th. When a tour was purchased on that day, a full 100 per cent was donated to charity.

SuperZip is an extension of the national SuperWalk event for Parkinson’s disease.

With no organized walk in Oyama, the Oyama Zipline offered two ways to get involved: Take a rip down the zipline with your money going to Parkinsons Canada Society’s SuperWalk or sponsor Team Oyama on by registering as a virtual zipliner.

“Team Oyama Zipline raised an impressive $4,950 at SuperWalk 2012”, Laura Darch of Parkinson Society British Columbia reports.

And the Lake Country attraction is optimistic about giving more this year.

Owners Peter and Jennifer Madsen have created an ongoing Community Care Plan for their outdoor adventure business. One dollar from each zipline tour is donated. With over 10,000 riders completing the seven-station zip park, the loonies are adding-up.

Besides local schools and food banks benefiting from the Madsen’s corporate giving, a substantial donation was made to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club helping to send children and youth to camp this summer.

“Local initiatives will continue to be supported by Oyama Zipline,” said Peter. “The Parkinson Society’s BC chapter will be the largest benefactor of our Community Care Plan.”

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the family initiated this additional giving.

“Our family (and our friend’s family) have been affected by Parkinson’s Disease so we have partnered with SuperWalk Kelowna,” said Jennifer. “Charitable donations tend to be a reflection of personal perspective. Our family has a new appreciation for our health and a new attitude towards giving.”

The Parkinson’s Canada Society SuperWalk and Superzip will use funds raised for research but will also be able to create more support services and education for families, like the Madsens.

For more information call 250 548 4129 or email


Jennifer and Peter Madsen have shared the list below as their thoughts on charity.

Why More Should Become Givers

-Well-being: Helping others improves your self worth, create more sense of purpose in life, and lead to inner satisfaction.

-Tax-savings: Donations to charitable organizations or non-profit groups are tax deductible.

-Education: Discover new points of view and opinions on social injustice. Advance principles and values close to your heart.

-Socialization: Volunteering with a charity may result in new friends and rewarding experiences.

Perhaps Winston Churchill said it best: “What is the use of living, if it not be to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”

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