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Lake Country residents voice concerns over Commonage Road traffic

A public hearing for the district’s new OCP happened Tuesday night

Some Lake Country residents along Commonage Road aren’t impressed with the district’s decision to make Commonage Road a main collector road for traffic.

Residents voiced their concerns during a public hearing for the new Official Community Plan at the district’s municipal hall Tuesday night.

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As part of the district’s approval of the new O’Rourke Winery, the developer is also expanding the road to include a bike lane.

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“That wasn’t really an OCP initiative, it was a safety initiative. It’s the road people use when they come from Vernon and somehow they think we’re building it just to accommodate O’Rourke which is not the case at all,” said Mayor James Baker.

The intersection at Commonage Road and Carr’s Landing was dangerous, he said, so the district turned it into a right angle turn, and they still have to build more road.

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“Commonage doesn’t have as many driveways coming into it,” he said, adding traffic consultants say it’s a better option than going through a winding road through Carr’s Landing.

Commonage makes a collector road much safer and we can build it to accommodate more traffic.

He joked that there won’t be a four-lane highway in front of homes.

We’re doing it now because he’s paying for the off sites… the developers pays for the upgrades. Other than people seem to like our Official Community Plan updates,” he said.

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