The grey marker indicates the property at 11566 Pretty Road. (Google Maps)

The grey marker indicates the property at 11566 Pretty Road. (Google Maps)

Lake Country woman advocates for district to build community park

A plot of land has recently become available

A Lake Country woman approached council at the Aug. 22 meeting and suggested that the District of Lake Country should purchase a piece of property on Pretty Road and transform it into a community park.

Connie Muir, Middleton Road resident, said approximately 17 years ago a resident approached the district to buy the plot of land at 11566 Pretty Road and it was sold, although it was meant to be a green space for the community.

“Middleton Road residents really lost out on this because the original piece of property fit the description of a park,” she said.

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Instead of the community park being placed on the large plot of land, another substitute park was created on the north end of the road.

Muir said this park has no parking, it is too far off to one side of the road, there is no appeal to it and it has poor accessibility.

Coun. Cara Reed said she hopes staff will look more into this proposition and perhaps address council with a tabled resolution.

“I think that is potentially an exciting opportunity for us,” Reed said.

Muir stated that not only is this an opportunity to bring vitalization to her neighbourhood but is a chance to keep the rural area, small-town community feeling that residents often choose Lake Country for. She wants to preserve the wildlife and greenery.

“This is a chance to redeem what we lost,” Muir said.

Muir brought up the Lakestone development and how many trees were cleared for the development to take place. She fears that same thing could happen to this property if it is not bought by the district.

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