Lake Country’s Canada Day will have plenty; just no fireworks

Lake Country’s Canada Day will have plenty; just no fireworks

District communications officer Karen Miller says Lake Country has a unique celebration

There will be Captain Marvel, there will be face paint, there will be live musicians and a singing of the national anthem, but there will be no fireworks in Lake Country on this year’s Canada Day.

Coun. Bill Scarrow addressed Mayor James Baker and his fellow elected officials on Tuesday, June 18, to ask if fireworks would be part of the July 1 festivities at Swalwell Park.

“No firework permits have been issued for July 1,” fire Chief Steve Windsor said.

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The question of fire safety and prevention in the kernel of dry season comes to the forefront of potential reasons why the one day that justly permits fireworks, had received no permits.

“To much of a fire season,” Mayor Baker added.

But Dave Colquhoun, Canada Day coordinator for the Rotary Club of Lake Country said at its source, fireworks would impede budget, rather than safety.

“Of course the fire hazard is a consideration, but it’s mainly the budget,” he said.

There will be plenty of other activities planned for the day, of which you can find a full schedule on the Lake Country District website.

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And if the following day works its way around and your Canada Day celebration did not suffice; get your extra kicks by submitting property taxes by the deadline on July 2!


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