Learn how to call game

Game calling is essential to successful hunting believes Chad Westbrook, a pro caller for Primos, who will be in Kelowna next week.

Pro game caller Chad Westbrook will be in Kelowna next week to give seminars on calling game.

By Judie Steeves

staff reporter

Chad Westbrook was just a youngster when he first learned to call game, but he realizes now that you need to actually learn what animals are saying before you’re able to effectively replicate the sounds.

And, he’s coming to Kelowna to teach his techniques next week at an elk and turkey calling seminar at the East Kelowna Hall.

Westbrook is a hunter and hunting guide who has been game calling for most of his life and for the past 13 years, has been a pro-caller for Primos Hunting Calls.

Although he learned some basics from his Dad as a youngster, he learned more from professionals as he got older and today he believes calling game is a major factor in hunting success.

“I wanted to learn to communicate with game so I could improve my success at hunting,” he explains.

However, he says if you don’t learn properly how to interpret what they’re saying, and how to call, you’re just as likely to scare them away as to bring them in.

By watching and listening to game, you learn to understand their language and interpret their interactions, which helps you to call game.

“It’s tricky to make the calls,” he admits, but with practice, and some tips, anyone can learn why, when and how to call in game.

In his seminar he says he will provide the tools for the beginner, so he will know the sound he wants to make and he can then practice to get it right.

“Once you become proficient it will be faster and easier,” he says.

Westbrook has appeared on several hunting videos for Primos and has also worked for the company at trade shows educating people about the importance of game calling.

He has also appeared on the Canada in the Rough television show several times.

For the elk calling seminar Fri., Apr. 6 at 6:30 p.m., tickets are $25, while for the turkey calling seminar at 8 p.m., Fri., Apr. 6, tickets are $10, and both are available at Hardcore Archery or by calling Dwayne at 470-7559.

Both seminars are at the East Kelowna Hall.