Cats and dogs can find shelter from the storm with Dr. Moshe Oz— Photo submitted CatSpan

Local veterinarian offers flood assistance

Dr. Moshe Oz is offering a helping hand

Four legged evacuees are being offered shelter from the storm.

“We are completely ready if somebody needs us to board their cats and dogs, or if they need food and shelter,” said Dr. Moshe Oz, from Rose Valley Vetrinary clinic, in advance of the expected onslaught of floodwaters.

“We’re open 24/7, if anyone needs anything.”

Oz is no stranger to supporting the community in case of emergency. He’s stepped in to help during every significant fire in recent years, but this is the first time he’s ever needed to offer help for a flood.

“We have lots of boarding space,” he said. “We have nearly 50 cages we can put cats, and a lot of space for the dogs.”

If anybody needs help, the clinic can be reached at 250-769-9109.