Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps

Manhattan Point closed

The beach access at 900 Manhattan Drive is closed

A number of beach access points along Kelowna’s waterfront remain closed as Okanagan Lake continues to rise. The beach access at 900 Manhattan Drive, commonly known as Manhattan Point, is the latest closure with high water levels in the area. The beach access down the road at 842 Manhattan Drive remains open.

The following parks are closed until further notice due to flooding in the area or to protect flood measures in place:

Manhattan Point Beach Access located at 900 Manhattan Drive

City Park Waterpark

Lake Avenue Beach Access including the pedestrian bridge

Francis Avenue Beach Access

Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary

Trail access from Okanagan Lake to Cascia Linear Park

The following parks remain open, but the associated beach areas are closed due to flooding in the area or to protect flood measures in place:

Sutherland Park including the shoreline along Poplar Point Drive

Tugboat Beach at Waterfront Park

City Park

Strathcona Park

Kinsmen Park

Rotary Beach Park

Visitors to these parks are reminded to not approach, climb or jump on the flood protection measures in place along the beaches including bladder dams, gabion barriers and sandbags. These closures will be in effect until the high water levels subside and crews are able to remove flood barriers from parks.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit Boyce-Gyro Park as a beach option, or try out one of over 200 parks across Kelowna during these temporary closures. The parks and beaches map is a helpful tool to search for parks with certain amenities such as sports fields, courts and playgrounds.