Market closure rumours put to rest

Rutland Centennial Hall wants Kelowna residents to know the Rutland Flea Market will not be closing its doors.

  • Apr. 1, 2015 4:00 p.m.

By Angie Brown/Contributor

Alf Roshinski, the manager of Rutland Centennial Hall, wants Kelowna residents to know the Rutland Flea Market will not be closing its doors.

When Centennial Park, the host site for the flea market, was sold earlier this year to the city, Roshinski says some people became concerned the flea market would be closed.

It is held every Sunday both inside the Centennial Hall and in the hall’s parking lot.

“People are saying the market’s going to shut down, or that May Days will never be held here again. All these things are continuing,” said Roshinski.

“It’s going to be as good, maybe even better.”

In May, the outdoor section of the flea market is going to move to Roxby Square on Highway 33.

The indoor section, however, will remain within the hall for the time being.

Proceeds from the sale of the park will enable the Rutland Park Society to eventually build a new community hall.

Meanwhile, Roshinski is planning on bringing more agriculture to the flea market, as two new vendors who sell eggs have already signed up.

“We’re a blue-collar community, and I think we are going to see a lot more of that once we start bringing fruit and vegetable vendors in,” he said.

Once autumn hits, the outdoor flea market will once again return to the Rutland Centennial Hall parking lot, said Roshinski.

Sev Selga regularly attends the flea market, both as a vendor and a customer. “I’d like people to know that there’s lots of stuff here you don’t get to see all the time,” he said.“Everyone comes here to talk to each other and share secrets, like tips on antiques and what they’re worth.”

Dayna Tomlinson, a holistic practitioner, tries to rent a booth for her stones and crystals at the market every weekend.

“I’d like people to know there isn’t just junk here,” she said.

“It’s kind of like thrift store shopping. You can’t just run in—you’ve really got to take the time to look around.”

The flea market takes place every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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