Meet Your Farmer: Hydroponics allow for an early harvest

Manjit Basra is this week’s farmer.

Okanagan residents are lucky to have an abundance of locally produced food.

While some of us get the privilege of getting to know the men and women who produce that food, either because they’re our neighbours or regulars at the two farmers markets there are a week, not everyone does.

So the Capital News is starting a new project. We’re going to bring these farmers to you, so here’s our latest installment of Meet Your Farmer.

Manjit Basra’s selection at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters’ Market is impressive.

Long before others, he’s able to offer every tomato variety you can imagine, as well as cucumbers, peppers and more.

It’s not that he has a special deal set up with Mother Nature.

Five years ago he applied the knowledge he picked up as a farmer in India to a whole new way of food production. He now grows hydroponically.

It was a steep learning curve, but one he’s glad he took on.

Here’s Basra in this week’s Meet Your Farmer.