Rachelle Zelaney of Coldstream’s Zelaney Farms.

Rachelle Zelaney of Coldstream’s Zelaney Farms.

Meet Your Farmer: Three generations of farming knowledge at Zelaney Farms

Zelaney Farms is this week’s featured farmer.

Okanagan residents are lucky to have an abundance of easily accessible, locally grown food.

While some of us get the privilege of getting to know the men and women who produce that food, not everyone has that same access.

So the Capital News is going to bring these farmers to you, letting you see who’s growing your food.

Our most recent instalment of Meet Your Farmer is focused on Zelaney Farms, which operate out of Coldstream.

Rachelle Zelaney said the farm has 20 acres and the Zelaney family have been farming in Canada for three generations.

The industry has changed over the years and Rachelle said that the biggest shift has been with consumers.

People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and how far their food travels, she said.

“The buy local movement has really helped us succeed as a local farmer,” she said.

To learn more, watch our video.

Meet Your Farmer