Micro suites coming to Kelowna

Tiny living spaces—only 29-square-metres— are planned for a development near the Landmark office towers.

A plan to build a 90-unit development near Kelowna’s Landmark office towers, featuring the city’s first “micro” suites—units just 29 square metres in size– is heading to public hearing after council heard three traffic mitigation measures will be put in place to help ease congestion on Dayton, Burtch and Dickson Roads.

The measures include:

• A right-in/right-out/left-in channeling of traffic at the intersection of Dickson and Burtch to prevent westbound left turn exits onto Burtch Road. It will require a raised median on Burtch and a corner island on Dickson with an allowance for a pedestrian crosswalk

• A separate southbound right-turn lane at the Springfield/Dayton intersection because traffic affected by the left-turn restriction will result in additional travel southbound on Dayton Street and use of Springfield Road to access Burtch

• Signal timing changes at the lights at Burtch and Sutherland and Burtch and Bernard Avenue.

While development fees from previous construction in the area will help pay for the work, the project itself is too small to generate development cost charge revenue for the city.

Councillors liked what they heard about the mitigation measures. Two weeks ago they had held off sending the project to a public hearing, wanting to hear the results of a minor traffic impact study that was to be undertaken.

“I’m much more comfortable now that I see the traffic mitigation (measures),” said Coun. Luke Stack. “ I was really uncomfortable last time. There really needed to be some attention paid, particularly to the Burtch and Dickson intersection.”

The four-storey building at Dickson and Bedford is being built by Stober Construction, owners of the nearby Landmark office towers. About half the units in the building will be the ultra-small micro units.

City staff said as the area continues to grow, a major traffic study will be required as well as a parking plan.

Both are expected to be done later this year.


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