Minister announces review of BC Transit

Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom takes action after hearing numerous transit service complaints from B.C. mayors.

A full independent review of the transit system in British Columbia will take place shortly after the municipal elections, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Blair Lekstrom announced on Wednesday afternoon.

“It will look at a number of things. It will examine the transit system operations, performance, governance and local government consultation and communication processes as well,” said Lekstrom.

The review, which will focus on B.C. Transit services provided to communities outside of the Lower Mainland, is a result of concerns being raised by a variety of regional mayors.

“I had the opportunity to meet with a number of mayors from across B.C. in September who brought forward some ideas that they had how the system could be improved,” said Lekstrom.

The group that met with Lekstrom was led by Chair Joe Stanhope from the Nanaimo Regional District. The meeting was one that Lekstrom described as “pretty favourable.”

“I thought (it was) pretty positive for a group that came to say, ‘We’ve got a good system, but as good as it is, we think it can be even better and work better for the people that we represent.”

When asked what this review will mean for the average transit user, Lekstrom said, “This is going to be more reflective of the local governments and the work they do on the behalf of their people. In their financial planning and in their service arrangements with B.C. Transit–the contracts they enter into with them.”

Lekstrom said that local governments will be pleased with the review.


“I think this is very well received, certainly by local governments out there. At the end of all this, I know that we’re going to take a transit system that I feel is world-class today and make it even better.”