The Central Okanagan Search & Rescue boat.

The Central Okanagan Search & Rescue boat.

Missing sailboat found on Okanagan Lake

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue call leads to finding sailor aboard boat near Shelter Bay.

  • Apr. 25, 2014 10:00 a.m.

A  Central Okanagan Search and Rescue team searched for and found a 36-foot sailboat reported missing on Wednesday evening in the Shelter Bay area.

The sailboat had left the Shelter Bay marina at 11 a.m. yesterday with one male sailor aboard.

COSAR responded by sending out the “Sheila Sweatman” rescue boat with six-person search and rescue crew to find the missing vessel.

Turned out the sailor got caught in a storm while out on Okanagan Lake and then while attempting to return to the marina the boat ran out of gas.

The sailor attempted to call for assistance but his cell  phone was not charged. When he tried to use his marine radio, it was also not operational.

The COSAR contingent found the boat within 30 minutes of undertaking the search, just south of Shelter Bay.

The boat was towed back to the marina.

COSAR reminds all boaters  to take the time and ensure that everything is working on board and that you have all the safety equipment required,  including a working radio, flashlight and flares that you can use to signal for help.

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