Mounting number of serious crimes in Kelowna leave RCMP silent

No news on a suspicious death off Sutherland Avenue in Mill Creek a week ago Sunday

  • Jul. 22, 2013 7:00 a.m.

Monday morning has come and gone and there is still no news on a suspicious death in Mill Creek a week ago Sunday—one of three major crimes police are saying little about.

The death occurred in the waterway near Sutherland and Harvey Avenues and is potentially the second murder of the year; but information has yet to come forward indicating whether the “suspicious” term attached to the case means it is a homicide.

“I would really just be speculating,” said RCMP spokesman Const. Steve Holmes when reporters asked last Monday if the individual found dead the day before had been killed by someone else.

The situation remained the same for Const. Kris Clark, the regular media spokesperson for the Kelowna RCMP, who returned to his duties today and had no information to report.

Eye witnesses say three men who looked to be homeless went into the bushes at the creek and only two came out. A bystander eventually went down to the creek to take a look around after a pair of shoes floated downstream.

Whether this story accurately reflects what happened is still up in the air, however, over seven days later.

It is reminiscent of the last suspicious death, which it took RCMP nearly four days to confirm was in fact a murder. The young woman who was killed in her Glenmore home died shortly after midnight on June 18 and, while police have released a sketch of a man seen in the neighbourhood at the time, thus far this is about all the RCMP have said.

There is still no word on how 27-year-old Theresa Ashley Neville, the mother of an eight-year-old and 10-year-old, was killed.

Another major crime this summer happened just a couple of weeks before on Monday, June 3 when a young woman was pulled from a trail in Mission Creek Regional Park and sexually assaulted.

It took two days for police to make a statement to the public indicating the assault had occurred and, while they have now released a sketch of the victim’s attacker, they have said little else since it happened.

It has not been confirmed whether the young woman was raped or not, only that she was hit over the head, dragged into the bushes and assaulted.

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